How Ewn Search traffic exchange works?

How can I start exchange traffic sessions to earn points ?

We would like to inform you guys that you can exchange those points which you earn to get more visitors to your website (1 point is equal 60-second visit ) Or convert that points to funds.

How can I add my website?

We would like inform you guys that activating the website requires checking by us in order to make sure that the site is free of viruses and Trojans in order to protect our customers who exchange traffic and that takes some time...and you can also use one of the sites that provide short links and at the same time provide stats for clicks. How to do that? by using a short link with a stats for clicks in website option in your account instead of your normal URL website. you can use our Short URL serves to short your Url or use another website to do that.

How can I earn money ?

We would like to inform you guys that the minimum amount for withdrawal is 10$ and 100K points value 10 $.